City twinning - STEDENBAND SEPTEMBER 2019

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City twinning



Over the years, Dordrecht (Netherlands) has a long relationship with Dordrecht South Africa. This had everything to do with the shared name since Dordrecht SA was named after the famous Dutch City of Dordrecht. In the nineties of the previous century contact between the two cities intensified, and a formal connection between the municipalites of Dordrecht and Emalahleni was established. Shortly after in the Netherlands the Dordrecht Zuid Holland - Dordrecht Emalahleni Zuid Afrika Foundation was founded. This Foundation focusses its attention mainly to the relationship between both cities called Dordreht. A friendship begun that only intensified over the years. Soon after the Dutch Foundation started funding projects in Dordrecht SA. With small amounts of money raised in the Netherlands one of the biggest projects was the Gardening Project in co-operation with the ACVV. Other projects followed. And: the Dutch Foundation tried to visit her friends and partners in South Africa every year. After a short break of a couple of years these visits intensified in 2015 and the years after. As a result work begun to formalize the partnership and connection with Dordrecht SA, and the Foundation International started as a platform and counterpart for the Dutcht Foundation in South Africa. We like all communication and support in every form to run throught this Foundation. Check for more information: The Foundation International.

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